Plan the best holiday season ever and stay on budget!

The holiday season can be hectic, busy, and completely overwhelming. There are always so many things you have to do, like attending events and buying gifts. And then, there are the things you would love to do, like starting a new Christmas tradition or volunteering. 

It's hard to get it all done without losing your sanity.

At the end of the day, you just want to have the best holiday season, without feeling constantly stressed or worried about spending too much money. 

Our readers love simple resources that offer a way to get their life and budget organized, starting with the holiday season. They want an easy to use organization planner that helps them have

the best holiday season on a budget.

The Christmas Organization Planner is here to help you have the best holiday season ever - on a budget.

With it's 40 thoughtfully designed pages, the all-in-one Christmas Organization Planner will help you created the perfect-for-you holiday, while keeping your budget under control. 

Design your schedule to fit in all the things you need to do, and the fun things you want to do. 

From the planner pages to the Christmas fun checklists to the money saving tips, the Christmas Organization Planner is the holiday sanity saver you have been waiting for. 

All About the Planner

The Christmas Organization Planner will help you:

 Plan the best Christmas season ever, without going into debt or going way over budget.

​- Create a meaningful Christmas that you'll never forget.

​- Stay within a budget that's comfortable for you.

​- Find new ways to volunteer and give back to those in need. 

​- Keep up with all the events and activities going on. 

​- Enjoy little Christmas surprises all month long. 

​- Find the perfect gift idea for everyone on your list. 

​- Plan the perfect party, and know what dish to take to all your parties. 

​- Start a new fun and meaningful tradition with your family. 

​- Decorate your home beautifully - and on a budget. 

​- Wrap beautiful presents for everyone on your list - with free gift tags!

An affordable planner for an affordable Christmas...

For a limited time only, the Christmas Organization Planner is available for only $10.00!

That's right! Similar planners sell between $12-$40, but if you want to have an affordable Christmas, you need to start with an affordable planner!

But, we didn't skimp on anything in the planner to be able to offer it at this low price. The planner has 40 pages full of everything you need to create the perfect holiday on a budget! 


For a limited time only, get our FREE 2019 planner as a bonus when you order the Christmas Organization Planner. 

It's everything you need to plan your best year ever!

In the 2019 Planner, you'll have everything you need to plan your goals for the year. I've also included monthly and weekly goal pages to break those goals down into an actionable plan. 

I believe in planning and setting goals so much, that I really want you to have all the tools you need to plan your best year ever in 2019! 

A Peek Inside the Bonus Planner

Inside the 2019 Planner Printable, you'll get:

  • 2 colorful cover pages to choose from
  • A yearly goals planner to keep you top priorities in mind
  • Yearly overview planner with spaces to write your monthly goals and priorities
  • Monthly planner page to keep up with everything you have going on (print as many of these as you need each month)
  • Weekly planner pages with time slots for each day so you can work in time chunks - my favorite way to get stuff done!
  • A weekly meal planner to help you save time and money each week
  • Weekly goal planner to break your monthly goals down into an actionable plan
  • Monthly bill tracker to help you stick to your budget

A stress free holiday season

There is no reason to stress this holiday season, not when you have the Christmas Organization Planner. 

Plan your Christmas activities, gifts, food, and fun ahead of time. Then just enjoy!!

You really can have an affordable, stress free, meaningful Christmas.


- A monthly and weekly planner to help you organize events, activities, and the fun things

- 25 days of Christmas fun planner page with fun ideas each day leading up to Christmas

- Tips on saving money and earning extra cash for Christmas

- Christmas budgeting printable to help you stay in budget

- DIY Christmas gift ideas to give handmade and meaningful gifts

- Clutter free gift ideas that are meaningful and won't create clutter

- Stocking stuffers that are budget friendly

- Christmas gift planner printables to help you stay in budget and make sure everyone gets checked off your list - twice!

- Christmas food planner pages to help you prepare for events you need to contribute a dish - appetizers, main dishes, and desserts

- Easy Christmas food ideas so you won't be stuck wondering what to take

- Christmas decoration ideas on a budget to decorate your home beautifully and on a budget

- A DIY advent calendar project - great for the kids!

- 15 ideas to start a new Christmas tradition that your family will always look forward to

- Ideas of ways to donate time and money this holiday season

- Christmas printables and gift tags that save you time and money!

Everything you need for the perfect holiday!

Inside this planner you'll find everything you need to organize the craziness that comes with Christmas. Use the planner pages to keep up with all of the events and activities, the 25 days of Christmas planner to enjoy little surprises all month long, the budget pages to keep your spending in check, gift ideas and the gift planner to get the perfect gift for everyone on your list, the food planner page to organize food ideas for different events, the tradition ideas to start a new family tradition, and the Christmas printables to decorate your home and add even more fun to the holiday!

Christmas is my favorite! And a stress free, organized, and on budget Christmas is even better!

I really hope you find this Christmas planner helpful for years to come. Christmas is such a wonderful time of year, but please remember you do not have to go into debt or spend enormous amounts of money to have a great holiday.

Just spend time. Make new traditions, plan fun activities, give meaningful gifts, and keep it simple. And keep some money in your pocket. 

Merry Christmas!

Amanda Waterston

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